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Homeopathy can help adults and children, for many health or emotional problems, short term or chronic. Homeopathy is a holistic therapy that aims to create health and well-being by addressing the mental, emotional and physical conditions of the individual.

Homeopathy can help to restore health in a simple, gentle and effective way.

  • Do you have an ongoing illness which interferes with your life?
  • Does a family member suffer from chronic illness/repeated infections?
  • Are you stressed or struggling at work or at home?
  • Do you suffer with eczema or asthma or a skin disorder?
  • Are you concerned about your baby or child’s health?

Please ring or email me if you would like to talk about your complaint and discuss how homeopathy could benefit you. My contact details are at the bottom of this page.

About Me

Jan Hurst - Homeopath

My interest in homeopathy began following the successful homeopathic treatment of chronic illness I suffered following the birth of my first child. My treatment was effective and I was restored back to full health.

After that I took a great interest in the subject and later studied and graduated at the Welsh School of Homeopathy.

For more information about homepathy please visit the Society of Homeopathy website.


Your first consultation will last around an hour and a half. It’s an opportunity for you to tell me everything about your symptoms. It’s also an opportunity for me to ask questions to help find the right remedy for you.

Initial and follow up consultations cost £40. We have special rates for children - please contact me for more details.

I work flexible hours and will try to fit your schedule.

Contact Details

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2 Court Priory

Tel: 07814 899963

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